Our team

In many European countries, the level of financial literacy of children is low. Parents pay too little attention to this, do not teach children to handle money properly, although financial skills are especially important for any person.

We aim to solve the low financial literacy of children by combining financial and education technologies. For that purpose, we formed a very strong team, in which educational, information and financial technology and marketing knowledge of its members are perfectly combined.

Tomas Mendelsonas

Founder – education

Lecturer of finance and economics, Phd in Economics.

Dominykas Čeledinas

Founder – technology

19 years of experience in IT project management, the former CEO of TIA Technology Lithuania.

Evaldas Remeikis

Founder – fintech

20 years of experience in business development, the founder and chairman of the board of NEO Finance.

Justina Bučinskaitė

Founder – partnership

Experienced manager and board member, 8 years of experience in business development and international trade.