Teach your child to handle money properly!

Poklet is a safe and convenient mobile app for a family, a child’s payment card and development of financial skills.

We are testing the app, but you can already try it.

Financial skills

Your child will learn to save, invest and try to make money. He/she will also learn to think about when and where it is worth spending money.

Pocket money

You will be able to give your child pocket money, for example, once a week and see how he/she spends the money. You will agree with your child on jobs and remuneration.


Your child will have a real payment card and will decide for himself/herself how to spend the money. He/she will learn not only from everyday situations but also from lessons and while performing tasks.

A safe and educational app for a child

Your child will learn every day because he/she will decide for himself/herself what to do with his/her money. He/she will also learn from the lessons provided in the app. Upon gaining new knowledge, he/she will make well-considered decisions.

Payment card for your child

You will be able conveniently to manage your child’s pocket money, see and check transfers, change card settings.
Your child will be able to pay in physical and online stores, transfer money to friends, learn to distribute money, save and invest.

Handy app

You will be able to transfer money to your child easily and conveniently.
You will be able to see all your child’s transfers.
Interesting lessons about money are a great way to learn little by little how to handle money wisely.
You will be able to monitor learning progress, get advice on children’s financial education.

Many additional features

You will be able to agree on a remuneration for a certain job with a child, so the child will know that he/she can make some money and replenish his/her virtual wallet.
Savings and investment accounts will encourage your child to pursue his/her goals on his/her own, perceive the importance of financial patience and discipline.